Frequently Asked Questions

GOTCHA is a computer-vision based technology that is developed based on facial behavioral scientific research, which is called FACS.

Facial Action Coding System is a methodology, which developed a comprehensive system that can distinguish all possible visually distinguishable facial movements. It become a standard in understanding facial behavior.

GOTCHA analyses the facial muscular actions, Identifies human facial behavior, detects the hidden emotions and unmasks the possible deception cases.

Facial muscular action or action unit (AU) is the fundamental action of individual muscles or groups of facial muscles. For example: brow lowerer (brows are lowered and/or drawn together), lid tightener (eyes are narrowed), lip corner puller (lips are angled up), etc.

Each micro-expression is the result of a unique or a combination of facial muscular actions.

Micro-expressions result in involuntary emotional leakage, exposing a person’s true emotions; they occur in everyone without their knowledge; and there is no way to prevent them from occurring.

It works very simply: person sits in front of the camera, software that is connected to the camera, identifies human emotions during speech and pauses and the results are illustrated in MP4 and Excel formats.

Yes, the internet is required.

In Windows 10.0 (and higher versions) OS.

Sure, there are some requirements that are very crucial in proper operation of GOTCHA, such as webcam with special technical qualities. A detailed manual is ready for our customers, which can be downloaded by them along with the installation of GOTCHA.

Yes, GOTCHA analyses not only the videos, made directly by it, but also downloaded / pre-recorded ones.

GOTCHA supports *.mp4 *.mov * .avi and *.wmv video file type. If your pre-recorded video file is of another type you can convert it to the above-listed types before processing it in out product.

Processing of very big files takes long time, for the solution of which we have integrated a file adjustment function into GOTCHA, which will be performed before the processing starts and will ensure that the resulting file reasonably meets the functional expectations.

Our customers are HR and Recruitment companies, Psychologists, Credit organizations and Banks, Legal bodies, etc.

No. GOTHCHA is B2B product.

Our Customers are charged per license / installation on a monthly or annual basis.


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