Co Founder

Johannes (Harry) Westbroek

Chief Strategy Officer

Johannes (Harry) Westbroek MBA Harry brings over four decades of leadership experience, having successfully guided and expanded international enterprises. His academic credentials include an Nyenrode Wharton Executive MBA from two premier European and American business universities. He has entered a strategic partnership with Gotcha Technology, where he is Chief Strategy Officer and responsible for the setup and development of the Emorec Professionals Network and the EPN Academy where he serves as CEO. This division, the international marketing and sales arm of Gotcha, is based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and Hong Kong, China (effective August 1, 2024), and operates across the EU, Canada, the UK, the USA, and Asia. This home-based, paperless organization comprises a commission-based network of independent agents and professionals across all time zones, exploring and exploiting a broad spectrum of business domains and markets. Renowned for his profound knowledge and accomplishments, Harry recently served in Hong Kong as the Chief Executive Officer of Readen Holding Corporation (RHCO), a global conglomerate involved in Venture Capital, Fintech, E-Commerce, Media, and AI Start-ups. He also served as Director for the Dutch Lotto and Instant Lottery, pioneering the first mobile payment system, licensed by the Dutch National Bank for the State Lottery. In publishing, Harry began in marketing and sales for VNU and served as Managing Director of NieuwsTribune and Wegener Magazines. He published Quincy Jones' Vibe Magazine in the Netherlands and was a Board of Directors member for Independent Media and Independent Distributors in a joint venture with Royal Dutch Mail. Harry's illustrious career includes serving as Managing Director for Central Asia of EU-TACIS for the Environmental Awareness program. Beyond his corporate engagements, Harry lectures on 26 courses in Business Sciences to BBA and MBA students at various international business schools. Proficient in Dutch, English, and Russian, his multilingual abilities complement his global professional endeavors.


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